Women’s rights organization demands investigation into sexual abuse claims

English 20.04.2021 12:10
Izvor: N1

The Women Against Violence Network on Tuesday called the Serbian prosecution to immediately investigate claims of the involvement of United Serbia (JS) leader Dragan Markovic Palma MP in the pimping of young girls and women in the town of Jagodina.

The Network also called Markovic to resign from all posts he holds and take “political and personal responsibility”. It called the Serbian parliament and government and state bodies in charge tackling human trafficking and gender equality to inform the public of the steps they have taken to investigate the allegations made against Markovic and other officials. Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) official Marinika Tepic showed reporters a video of an unnamed man who claimed that Markovic and other officials in Jagodina were forcing young women and girls to trade sexual favors for jobs.

“We condemn every form of abuse of women and girls and demand a thorough investigation of this case of sexual violence against them as well as other cases which have surfaced in Serbia recently, deeply upsetting the public,” a statement said.