Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas

English 07.01.2021 10:33
Izvor: Tanjug/Strahinja Aćimović

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and its faithful are celebrating Christmas on Thursday with services in all temples and the traditional greeting Christ is Born and the response He is Born Indeed.

The SPC marks time by the Julian calendar which is 13 days different to the Gregorian calendar used by the Catholic and Protestant churches as well as some Orthodox Christian churches.

The SPC issues a Christmas encyclical with messages to the faithful for the coming year. It is signed and read by the Patriarch as the head of the church. This year, the SPC has no Patriarch after Irinej died in November and the Holy Synod has elected a new church elder yet. The encyclical was signed and read by the acting church head Bishop Hrizostom.

In it, the SPC called the faithful to remember all those who fell to “the vicious disease” and their families as well as the medical staff battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Traditionally, unleavened bread is baked with a coin in it for the main Christmas meal. The bread is broken and whoever gets the coin is said to have luck for the coming year.