Yettel loses against United Group in court

NEWS 26.05.2022 13:52
Source: N1

United Group said on Thursday that the Yettel (former Telenor) mobile services company lost a law suit which was filed in an attempt to prevent media outlets from investigating Telenor’s deal with Telekom Serbia which was intended to destroy SBB and United Group’s independent media outlets.

“The Yettel company (former Telenor) recently lost the law suit it filed against United Group (UG), SBB (cable operator), N1 TV and the Adria News production center which it used to try to prevent media investigations about cooperation between Yettel and Telekom Serbia whose publicly declared goal was to destroy SBB and the independent media companies operating as part of United Group,” a statement said.

N1 gained access to secret documents describing the goals of Telekom Serbia-Telenor cooperation and reported the details of the deal. The reporting was cited as the reason behind the law suit filed in February 2021.

“All through the proceedings, Yettel tried to disregard the fact that it set itself up as a legitimate subject of public interest by entering into business cooperation with a state-owned company, primarily because of the declared goal that the cooperation would inflict harm on third parties, including independent media,” the statement said and added that the Belgrade Economic Court ruling stopped another attempt influencing the editorial policies of independent media through law suits since the plaintiff “did not choose abuse of process when it liked media reporting on issues of public significance”.

United Group recalled that the same court threw out a demand for 80 million Euro filed by Telekom Serbia over reporting on issues of public interest.

“Just like Telekom Serbia, Yettel tried to stop the reporting, specifically on its relationship with Telekom Serbia with the aim of removing stories which they did not like and influencing the editorial policies of independent media. However, the court threw out Yettel’s demand as groundless saying that there was no unfair competition as set out by law. The court said that N1 reports were information intended for the public in the form of a discussion of public significance on the cooperation of the two companies,” the statement said.

“United Group media outlets will continue to inform the public professionally and without bias in line with their independent editorial policies about all issues of public importance. Pressure from Telekom Serbia, Yettel or someone else in the form of meaningless and groundless law suits will not stop them,” it said.