Watched by DEA, accused in Jovanjica marijuana case presented as hemp growers

Source: MUP Srbije

While under the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) surveillance, the accused of growing and selling marijuana at the Europe largest drug plant Jovanjica in northern Serbia, were presented before the Court as innocent hemp grower and their defence lawyer even claimed the marijuana and industrial hemp were synonyms.

The main defendant Pregrag Koluvija’s driver Milos Tofilovic was arrested while smuggling heroin, only months after the Belgrade High Court judge Milan Dilparic released him from detention saying it was not likely he would repeat the crime.

Tofilovic was now ordered new 30-day detention by the same Court.

KRIK investigative website’s editor Bojana Jovanovic said that „it’s possible Tofilovic was a member of both criminal groups at the same time.. and the police and the prosecutors should investigate whether there is a connection between yesterday’s arrest and Jovanjica.“

Tofilovic is mentioned in the Jovanjica 2 indictment, together with the security services members who have served as Koluvija’s bodyguards.

His role as also Koluvija’s courier is proven by the text messages.

Koluvija: „Please exchange 50 Euros into Dinars… Tosic needs it too… Change a hundred… “

Tofilovic: „Should I bring it up?“

Koluvija: „Let’s bring it to (Serbia’s Security-Information Agency) BIA“.

But nothing can prevent Koluvija’s lawyer Vladimir Djukanovic, a high-ranked official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) to say: „I responsibly claim that these people who are on trial in the first and second proceedings have nothing to do with anything. Industrial hemp was grown there.“

However, the three expert tests ordered by the prosecution showed that was marijuana, but

Djukanovic, had no idea about the difference between Indian and industrial hemp.

„By the way, people don’t know that industrial hemp and marijuana are synonymous,“ Djukanovic said.

Industrial hemp contains up to 0.3 percent of THC, a psychoactive substance, the amount allowed in Serbia. Anything over 0.3 THC in marijuana has mind-altering compounds that affect both brain and body.

But, Djukanovic blamed the high THC in plants on the plants themselves.

„The most that were found is 0.54 THC, which can happen when the plant is not watered for a few days,“ he said.

While Jovanjica 2 indictment still awaits the Appellant Court’s confirmation, the Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime is preparing additional charges against Tofilovic of being a heroin dealer.