Vucic to German envoy: There will be no independent Kosovo as Berlin plans

NEWS 01.10.2022 15:16
Source: Tanjug / Rade Prelić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told German envoy for the Western Balkans Manuel Sarrazin that “there will be no independent Kosovo” as Berlin plans.

Previously, the German diplomat stated that, in the context of the formation of the Union of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo, the creation of a “new Republika Srpska” will not be allowed – referring to the Serb-majority semi-autonomous entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I did not know that the Germans were deciding on that, it is good that Mr. Sarrazin said that publicly. I can tell him, and I highly appreciate him, there will not even be an independent Kosovo as you are planning,” Vucic said.

Asked about the front page of the Croatian weekly Express, which compared him to Adolf Hitler, Vucic said that it was freedom of the media and that “everyone can publish what they want.”

“Nonetheless, one thing stung my ears. Imagine that those who welcomed Hitler with flowers were saying that to those who fought against him from the first day. That says more about those who did it,”, the Serbian President said.

Vucic assessed that the geopolitical events surrounding Ukraine and Russia’s decision to annex four Ukrainian regions will certainly have serious consequences on Serbia.

Regarding sanctions against Russia, he said that Serbia is fighting for its policy as long as it can, and that its policy is defined by the conclusion of the National Security Council.


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