Vucic: Serbia does not need foreign military bases

NEWS 12.08.2022 22:21
aleksandar vučić n1
Source: N1

President Aleksandar Vucic on Friday commented reports that Russian bases could be set up in Serbia saying that the country does not need any foreign military bases.

“Serbia does not need anyone’s military base. Serbia will maintain its military neutrality. Serbia will build its own alliances. It won’t be ashamed of good relations with Russia, China, the US and European Union but it will take care of itself,” he said in a live appearance on TV Prva.

Vucic said he would like to see military conscription restored but added that the issue will be decided by parliament. He said he believes the tours for conscripts should be about 100 days.

He said military salaries would be raised by 25 percent as of January 1, 2023 to motivate military personnel. He said that the personnel numbers in the brigades deployed in Belgrade and Vojvodina are very low. “The military consists of southern Serbia, the 3rd and 4th brigades from Vranje to Kraljevo, that is the Army of Serbia,” Vucic said. He added that he expects “a big boom in the military”.