Vucic: Pristina profiting from Ukraine crisis

NEWS 12.05.2022 11:25
Source: FoNet/Instagram predsednika Srbije

President Aleksandar Vucic said that Pristina wants to profit from the Ukraine crisis by portraying itself as fighter against Russian influence and accusing Belgrade of being Moscow’s ally but added that Serbia will continue efforts to revoke recognition of Kosovo.

“A very difficult period with added turbulence is coming. Pristina wants to use the Ukraine situation against Serbia by saying that Serbia is Russia’s extension while portraying itself as a great fighter against Russian influence,” Vucic told reporters after an informal dinner with European Union High Representative Josep Borrell. He added that the Serbian authorities will continue fighting to have recognition of Kosovo revoked.

He said that a session of the Serbian Council for National Security will be called in the next 36 hours. “We will start reacting politically, that is our attitude. If anyone think they can blackmail us and break Serbia with pressure, that won’t be as easy as you think,” he said, adding that official Belgrade will take rational decisions. Vucic said that the Serbian authorities will take the country into calm waters and secure a good future for its citizens.