Vucic: Pristina preparing assault on north Kosovo

NEWS 29.06.2022 20:34
Source: Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that the authorities in Pristina are planning an assault on the mainly-Serb populated north of Kosovo.

Speaking after a meeting with European Union envoy Miroslav Lajcak, Vucic said that the fact that the Kosovo government set a deadline of September 31 to replace Serbian license plates means that is when the assault is being planned. Serbia is always ready for a dialogue but some people are never ready and they had the support of the Western powers, he said adding: “They had the full support of Great Britain, Germany and the other Quint countries.

“They have taken two decisions: one denying the right of entry with personal ID cards where they introduce papers to allow entry. The second decision is aimed at expelling the Serbs from the north of Kosovo, creating a new Storm (Croatian military operation against Serb-held areas in the war of the 1990s) where they want to convince the Serbs in the space of two months to register with RKS Albanian license plates. They will probably hand out leaflets, pamphlets, you know how it was one in World War 2 to convince the Serbs and if they don’t convince them they will take their license plates and vehicles. They are not interested in how many Serbs will survive,” Vucic said.

Vucic’s close associate, Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the Kosovo Albanian “policy of a creeping blockade of the Brussels dialogue” has the support of the Quint countries and could cause a conflict which would spread to all of the Balkans. “Trampling on the license plates agreement reached in Brussels and announced seizure of Serbian issued license plates and vehicles owned by Serbs and the refusal to recognize ID cards issued by Serbia is an announcement of a conflict which cannot be controlled,” a ministry statement quoted him as saying.

The Kosovo government introduced what it said are reciprocal measures for Serbians entering Kosovo under which they are issued with temporary ID papers in the same way as Kosovo citizens get temporary papers when crossing into Serbia.