Vucic: Police have nothing to do at illegal gatherings

NEWS 12.12.2021 13:45
Source: Dimitrije Nikolić

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, stated in Nis on Sunday, on the occasion of the protests and roadblocks that were held in dozens of cities in Serbia in the previous three weeks, that the police did not secure those rallies because "there is nothing to look for at illegal gatherings." Answering the question at the military airport in Nis, Vucic said that "when you organize something that is an illegal, or an illegal activity, do not call on the state authorities to participate in illegal activities."

„You are calling on someone to block highways. The police cannot and have no right to participate in that. The police only have the right to ban that. The organizers didn’t ask the police, nor did they report any rallies,“ said Vucic.

He said that he was „proud of the behaviour of state bodies“ during the protest and that he did not see that the problem was police asking for IDs from citizens.

„The only consequence of all these protests is that there was a large redistribution of votes, so the ‘greens’ took the votes of these supposedly large parties in the opposition,“ said Vucic.

Speaking about the events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vucic said that Serbia „will not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.“

Speaking at a press conference in Nis, Vucic said that „Serbia’s policy is to respect the territorial integrity of Bih and to respect the integrity of the Republika Srpska entity within BiH.“

He announced that Serbia will procure a total of 30 new and used military helicopters in the next two years and that the army will procure equipment and weapons from the domestic arms industry, for which around €1.25 billion are planned for the next five years.


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