Vucic: Moscow’s decision makes Serbia’s situation difficult

Source: N1

President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that Moscow’s decision to recognize parts of the Ukraine as independent will bring pressure to bear on Serbia.

He told the pro-regime TV Pink in Monaco that Serbia’s position is not easy following the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize the two self-proclaimed breakaway republics in the east of the Ukraine. According to him, Serbia is in a situation in which it could face “numerous political, security and economic challenges”.

He said that the pressure on Serbia will be greater than ever, that the decision topples the global security architecture but that the important thing for Serbia is “that our determination for peace has to be strong and our power of deterent even stronger”. The president said that he ordered the military and the police to be prepared in the best possible way and continue investing in equipment and weapons.

Earlier, Vucic spoke to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron about “burning issues in the Western Balkans through the prism of events in the east of Europe” adding that he is convinced that Serbia will find the best way in preserving the peace and prosperity of its population.