Vucic: I’ll brief Serbia’s Parliament about Kosovo in details on Tuesday

Aleksandar Vučić
Source: Tanjug / Dragan Kujundžić

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's President, told reporters on Wednesday he would address the Parliament on June 22 "in detail and thoroughly about every issue that is of key importance for the situation in Kosovo and Metohija (Belgrade official name for Kosovo)."

He specified his address would include Belgrade’s plans and „the objective situation he is facing within the international community.“

Vucic mostly reiterated what he told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday after the talks with Kosovo’s Prime Minister on the normalisation of the Belgrade – Pristina relations mediated by the European Union officials.

Serbia’s President said that the Pristina side came to Brussels hoping to make the Belgrade delegation leave the negotiations and avoid the dialogue.

„All they asked for and said meant they wanted to avoid the talks,“ Vucic said.

Speaking about the economy, Vucic said Serbia was in third place in Europe in the first quarter, behind Estonia and Luxembourg, „excluding Ireland because of the US big IT companies“ there. He added Serbia wanted to do better in the second quarter and „surpass Estonia and Luxembourg.“

He warned that what he described as the lack of Pristina’s constructiveness could lead to an escalation of the situation in Kosovo and called on the international community to prevent „any incident, anything that could endanger peace and stability in the region.“