Vucic: Gas supply situation far more difficult than people think

NEWS 03.10.2022 14:14
Source: Shutterstock/ilustracija

When it comes to gas supply, the situation is far more difficult than people think, because the people in our countries are not used to a crisis of such proportions – the situation is terrible, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Budapest following the Hungary-Serbia-Austria summit, Fonet reported.

Addressing the media after his meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Vucic said that, for the time being, the crisis in felt more in the state apparatus and state finances.

“Everything we did well in the past ten years, we reindustrialized the country, increased foreign trade – all that can vanish in six months, and not by our fault,” said Vucic, adding that there is absolutely no fault of Serbia, Hungary or Austria.

This is not just a question of whether there will be enough gas for households, said the Serbian President.

“What are we going to do with companies? Who is going to pay that price, and if the state is to pay, where do we find that much money, if the companies pay, they won’t be able to withstand that,” said Vucic, stressing that the state is losing huge amounts of money.

There is no other way for us to help companies but to subsidize them through lower energy prices, said Vucic, confirming that this was discussed at Monday’s Hungary-Austria-Serbia summit.

“We will help one another, we are all in a terrible situation, if only there was peace, I’d jump up to the ceiling out of joy, like Sergey Bubka, even without a pole, but that’s not going to happen, this will last and last,” said Vucic.

“The situation is terrible and it will get even worse,” said the Serbian President but added that it is easier when you have friends who can help one another.