Vucic: Everyone can evaluate someone else’s democracy however they want

NEWS 07.11.2021 15:55
Source: Tanjug/ AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Speaking about the fact that Serbia is currently not among the countries invited to the online Summit for Democracy organised by US President Joseph Biden, President Aleksandar Vucic argued that “everyone has the right to evaluate someone else's democracy however they want.”

The US has the right to invite anyone it wants to its summit, he told journalists in Belgrade after receiving his booster shot against COVID-19.

Vucic said the allegations of corruption against him are a result of his efforts to acquire ventilators for the country.

He also commented on a letter US Congress members sent Biden, urging his administration to consider imposing sanctions on those destabilising the Western Balkans and to “continue to engage the Serbian government about rooting out corruption.”

“Serbia is a stabilising factor in the Balkans,” he said.


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