Vucic: Court’s ruling to fine me proves Serbia’s judiciary is independent

Source: Tanjug/Rade Prelić

The court's ruling to fine Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic for slandering Bosko Obradovic, an opposition leader, was the proof of the country's judiciary independence, the President said on Thursday.

During the Mt. Zlatibor Gondola’s official opening, in the only opposition-held municipality in the country, Cajetina in western Serbia, Vucic told reporters he could say „there was influence from other political centres due to past reforms (of the judiciary during the previous authorities). But, it’s showed Serbia is a normal country.“

Belgrade’s First Basic Court fined Vucic for publically describing Obradovic as a fascist and a thief with some 1,700 Euro (200,000 Dinars). The President said he did not appear before the court, but he stood by his words even after the ruling.

He added the verdict was celebrated in Zagreb and Croatian and some Bosnian media „what means that I have done a lot for Serbia.“

„Whether I’m satisfied… There is time before the final verdict, and we’ll see what’s true,“ Vucic said, adding he would respect the court’s rulings.

Commenting on some opposition leaders speculations he would recognise Kosovo’s independence, Vucic asked: „How would I do that? By transcendental meditation?“

He added it founded interesting the opinion polls showing more people against him than in favour of the opposition.

„Yesterday was an odd day like it was a full moon,“ Vucic said and described the pools as fabricated, amateur prepared that made me laugh.“

He said that 80 percent of Serbia’s population would be vaccinated but failed to say when he would get the injection.