Vucevic: Decision on SNS candidate for PM post after Vucic returns from Brussels

NEWS 13.08.2022 15:30

The vice-president of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Milos Vucevic, said that the decision on whether he will be the candidate for the mandate or current Prime Minister Ana Brnabic will be made after the President of Serbia and the leader of the party, Aleksandar Vucic, returns from Brussels, where he is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister of Kosovo on August 18.

„Brnabic, Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali and I had a conversation with the President a few days ago, we openly discussed with Vucic all topics, not only the issue of who should be the mandate holder or minister and the composition of the government but above all many other challenges for the state. It was fully expected that the president would publicly announce that the circle of potential candidates has been narrowed down,“ Vucevic told Pink.

Vucevic, whom the President, along with Brnabic, named as the candidate of the SNS for the mandate, said that „it is a great honour” for him that Vucic identified him as someone who can do the job responsibly.

The candidate, who is also the mayor of Novi Sad, stated that Serbia’s citizens should not worry because they will get a „Serbian government“, not an American, Russian or Western European one.

„We will have a government that will work for all citizens of Serbia and protect national and state interests,“ said Vucevic.


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