Von Cramon to N1: Wrong side of history is not good

NEWS 30.05.2022 15:44
Source: N1

Viola von Cramon MEP told N1 on Monday that she told Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that being on Putin’s side, the wrong side of history, is not a good thing.

Von Cramon thinks that Vucic is aware that dependence on Russia is no good for the Serbian economy and that siding with Putin is not a good thing. I am certain that we agreed on that issue, she said.

She said that she had an honest and friendly conversation with Vucic about Serbia-Russia relations which she said were very close when viewed through historic heritage. Von Cramon said they discussed economic and infrastructure ties with Russia and what that means for official Belgrade’s foreign policy.

A press release from the president’s cabinet quoted Vucic as telling Von Cramon that Serbia will continue on its European path with even greater intensity and that its approach to regional policies is serious and responsible.

“We discussed several things from sanctions, energy dependence on Russia, various alternatives for Serbia as well as renewable sources and energy efficiency … as well as democracy and the media,” she said, adding that reducing Serbia’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

According to Von Cramon, the European Union is very interested in closer ties with Serbia but that is up to the country. She said there were clear signals that European partners have to align with EU measures which includes the sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. She warned that the pressure would increase over that issue. Von Cramon said that Serbia has to decide whose side it is on, whether it sees itself in the European family. Serbia is definitely a European country and it’s in our interest for Serbia to align with EU policies.