Von Cramon, MEP: It’s essential to us how dialogue in Serbia will go on

EP Greens' Von Cramon

Viola von Cramon, an MEP, has said on Friday that if the parties in Serbia agree on anything, the Government should implement that, not only the technical issues which were politically easy to carry out because that would have no sense at all.

Von Cramon, a Greens’ MEP, also said her parliamentary group was in close contact with the European People’s Party, Social Democrats and Vladimir Bilčík and Tanja Fajon, primary European Parliament mediators in the inter-party dialogue in Serbia.

„It’s crucial for me and me and our Parliamentary group how the dialogue will go on. Fajon and Bilčík have a clear mandate for mediating the dialogue,“ Von Cramon told the European Western Balkans (EWB).

She added that her group would like to know when the official talks would start and who would take part from the Serb side.

„Which parties, participants, entities? What needs to be done to invite a party? What is essential from our perspective will be the implementation rules and supervision already in this phase,“ Von Cramon said.

She added it „is up to the ruling coalition and the opposition parties to decide whether they want to participate in the dialogue. To engage in it and then don’t take it seriously has no sense whatsoever.“

The EWB recalled that the ‘Renew Europe / ALDE’ group demanded a member in Serbia’s mission. Still, the EP Foreign Affairs Committee chair David Mc Allister rejected the request.