Virus expert says lockdown necessary

NEWS 10.03.2021 18:05
Milanko Šekler
Source: N1

Veterinarian and virus expert Milanko Sekler told N1 on Wednesday that a huge number of Serbian doctors working in COVID wards told him that a lockdown is needed because the current situation is untenable.

He said that the non-medical members of the government Crisis Team should take responsibility for the situation because they didn’t listen to what the doctors were saying. “It’s unbelievable that we managed to fill the hospitals whose capacities have been expanded and are just barely working… The resources are limited and those people are just barely hanging on,” he said. Sekler said that

He warned that that vaccination and the number of inoculated people can’t prevent a serious situation. Even if 40 percent of the population is inoculated, the people who did not get vaccinated would not be safe.