Vietnamese workers strike at Linglong site

NEWS 27.06.2022 12:48
Source: N1

Over 50 Vietnamese workers at the Linglong construction site went on strike Monday because they have not been paid for two months, N1 learns.

The workers met with Chinese managers who said their salaries would be paid on July 5 when the Chinese management is planning to deport them to Vietnam, a month before the expiry of their contracts with the company.

A video submitted to N1 shows a heated discussion between several Vietnamese workers and the PR manager for relations with foreign nationals of the China Energy Group, a subcontractor hired by Linglong.

This is the same man who blocked an N1 crew from leaving the Linglong construction site in November last year.

The Vietnamese workers said the strike will continue on Tuesday, they have no more food and they are hungry because their salaries have not been paid for two months.