US: Montenegrin leaders to urgently establish efficient government

NEWS 06.10.2022 10:53
Source: Pixabay

The US has called on all Montenegrin leaders to work on establishing an efficient government as soon as possible, adding it is necessary to be vigilant because of “Russia’s malignant efforts,” reported Voice of America (VOA).

Commenting on the current political and institutional crisis in Montenegro, including the non-functioning of the Constitutional Court, a State Department spokesman said that Montenegro is the one that decides how its courts and government will be formed, but that, “as long as there is uncertainty – that does not serve the interests of Montenegrin citizens.”

Asked if the US would back a government comprising the Democratic Front, the spokesman said this political bloc failed to demonstrate leadership in adopting the key reforms that are a prerequisite to Montenegro’s progress on its path to the European Union and that it continues to refuse to publicly condemn Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine.

Even though Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic’s government was voted no-confidence over a month and a half ago, there are no indications of how the current crisis will be overcome.

The Montenegrin Parliament last week failed to vote on President Milo Djukanovic’s initiative to cut short the current Parliament’s mandate because a majority of MPs voted against the proposed agenda.

On the other hand, Djukanovic rejected the parliamentary majority’s proposal for Miodrag Lekic to be the new Prime Minister Designate.

The US Department of State declined to comment on the recent Montenegrin authorities’ operation in which two Montenegrin citizens were arrested, six Russian diplomats expelled from the country and 28 foreign nationals banned from entering Montenegro.

It is not surprising that the Russian Federation’s malignant efforts can detected anywhere – such efforts harm the interests of citizens in a large number of countries and require constant vigilance, said the US State Department.