UPK demands urgent reaction to worsening COVID-19 epidemic in Serbia

NEWS 13.08.2021 12:56
Krizni štab
Source: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić/sednica Kriznog štaba

The ‘United Against COVID’ (UPK), Serbia’s doctors’ organisation, demanded the country’s Response Team, Health Ministry and ‘Batut’Public Health Institute to urgently react to the worsening epidemic situation.

In a letter to the respective institutions, UPK members warned about what they said were past mistakes in fighting the epidemic in the country and their dire consequences, primarily the fatalities, and suggested 13 measures they saw necessary to avoid the previous faults.

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The measures, among others, include stricter implementation of the existing preventive measures; compulsory vaccination of the medical staff and some other professionals who are in contact with many people; the vaccination of children over 12 years of age with the parents’ consent; urgent strategy for boosting vaccination; stop promoting unscientific and ridiculous statements of those without any reputation in the scientific community, nor in any way participate in the treatment of people suffering from COVID-19 by the state on the pro-regime media…

In the end, UPK “draws attention to huge dissatisfaction and resentment among colleagues, both those who have to go back to the red zone, and all those who risk their lives due to the negligence and irresponsibility of others…”