UNS: Police to discover who and on whose order blocked N1 car at Chinese plant

Source: N1

The Association of Serbia's Journalists (UNS) protested on Wednesday over an attempt to intimidate the N1 crew and asked the police to find out who and on whose order, blocked the TV's car leaving the industrial zone of the northern town of Zrenjanin, took photos and then let hem pass.

„We expect a quick police investigation, and we will follow the response of the authorities within the Standing Working Group for the Safety and Protection of Journalists and the Government Working Group for the Safety of Journalists,“ UNS said in a statement.

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N1 news director Igor Bozic told UNS what happened to journalist Ksenija Pavkov and cameraman Aleksandar Milanovic, adding they filmed the person who stopped them.

Earlier, a report said the man was believed to be one of the Linglong’s managers.

UNS also said that the N1 crew was banned from approaching the Vietnamese workers’ barracks on Tuesday.

N1 filmed the premises and talked to workers on Friday.

Bozic said that N1 would report the case to the authorities and that it was a ban on freedom of movement, once in a series of incidents in the last week, as UNS added.

The Association recalled that they also protested against interfering with the filming of the Newsmax Adria television crew outside the Linglong tire factory in June.



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