UNMIK: All sides to avoid tensions in Kosovo

Source: N1

After days of tensions on borders between Kosovo and Serbia following Pristina's decision to demand the reciprocal change of license plates with the state letters, the UN Secretary-General Special representative and the head of (UN Mission in Kosovo) UNMIK Zahir Tanin called on Thursday on all sides to implement measures agreed in the dialogue on the normalisation of relations.

In a statement, Tanin said he noted the continuing stalemate in the implementation of license plate measures. He added he was joining international partners in calling on all parties to resolve issues in support of the free movement of people and goods and the population’s interest through established dialogue mechanisms.

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He reminded all parties that unilateral actions carried the danger of escalation and should be avoided in the interest of the population, peace, security, and safety.

„I call on all parties to show responsible leadership and take immediate steps to avoid tensions through the political dialogue process,“ Tanin said.


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