United Group CFO deputy: We increased almost three times

NEWS 09.06.2021 22:23
janez živko
Source: NewsMax Adria

When it comes to investments, the United Group (UG) was very active in the last 18 months and invested 1.8 billion Euro in organic development, increasing almost three times," Janez Zivko, the Group's Vice President for Finance (CFO) told NewsMax Adria on Wednesday.

He announced the continuation of investments in fixed and mobile telephony, the development of 5G technology, and in the production own media program, the rights to sports broadcast and other contents.

„The investments are something which is the heart of our organisation, and we hope for such opportunities in the future as well,“ Zivko said.

„We will continue to invest in fixed and mobile telephony, as well as in the development of 5G technology, at least in these three countries where we are now present and where we have a mobile operator. We will try to develop an optical network wherever possible, aware that it is a challenge in Serbia because we do not have access to infrastructure and mobile network,“ he added.

Zivko said the Group had grand plans for Croatia and Greece to develop an optical network.

„The plan is to invest between 25 and 30 percent of income in new projects,“ he added.

Regarding the media, Zivko said that „by entering two new states and buying Bulgarian TV, we significantly increased the presence in media. You can expect us to invest throughout the region continuously.“