Union says Serbian journalists should not be forced to get vaccinated

NEWS 27.07.2021 19:10
Source: N1

The Serbian Journalists’ Union (SINOS) on Tuesday called media employers not to force their staff to get coronavirus vaccine.

A SINOS press release said that it had learned that some editors were sending only their vaccinated staff to events and were drawing up lists of employees who have been vaccinated saying that this is being done for the sake of efficiency. SINOS said that this is against the law and in violation of the constitution.

The journalists’ union said that it would report the media discriminating their staff to the Ombudsman’s working group registering attacks and pressure on journalists.

Earlier on Tuesday, epidemiologist Predrag Kon told N1 that the law allows the possibility of imposing mandatory inoculation for adults. “The law allos vaccintion to be either mandatory or advised in emergency situations such as this pandemic,” he said.