Ukrainian Embassy: We support Serbia’s sovereignty, its European aspirations

NEWS 04.10.2022 13:07
Source: Pixabay

The Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia said it has the honor to once again say that Ukraine’s position on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia is principled, stable and well-known. “Ukraine supports the Republic of Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” said the Embassy.

The Embassy added that Ukraine also supports the European choice and European aspirations of its partner country Serbia.

“We support the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue with EU mediation,” said the Embassy.

The Embassy further said that it finds “unacceptable the narratives of the dictator from the Kremlin who is manipulatively trying to use ‘the Kosovo precedent’ for attempts to legitimize the Russian Federation’s aggression against an independent and sovereign European state – Ukraine.”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic criticized Ukrainian Ambassador Volodymyr Tolkach’s Monday statement, saying that “if foreign diplomats think it is time to arrogantly exert pressure on our country, they have chosen the wrong moment.”

Ambassador Tolkach told N1 TV’s show Studio Live Monday that whether Ukraine understands Serbia’s decision not to impose sanctions on Russia is a very difficult question for his country.

We would like to see Serbia as one of our friends and allies and it is difficult for us to understand the arguments Serbia gives with our each killed soldier, our each killed child, and more than 300 children have been killed so far and many more wounded, Ambassador Tolkach told N1, adding “It is getting harder and harder to understand Serbia’s arguments.”