Ukraine ambassador to Serbia to N1: Putin is 21 century Hitler

NEWS 24.02.2022 11:38
Oleksandar Aleksandrovič
Source: N1

Oleksandr Alexandrovich, Ukrainian Ambassador to Serbia, told N1 on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was "Hitler of the 21st century" and that the argument that this was "Russia's self-defence would be ridiculous if it were not sad."

„Putin, that’s Hitler of the 21st century,“ he said, adding that „today we have a massive patriotic war, for the first time since World War II.“

He added that the Russians hit military facilities, border crossings, and cities very far from the border.

„Including deep in central Ukraine, in western Ukraine … There are civilian casualties, the situation is changing every minute, according to the latest information, ten civilians were killed. The Ukrainian army is defending itself; according to my data, 15 minutes ago, the Russian army managed to „entered about five kilometres in the north of Ukraine, tried to enter from the territory of Belarus, but our army put up strong resistance. We shot down six planes, four tanks and two helicopters,“ Alexandrovich said.

The ambassador added that he respected the neutrality of Serbia but that "in these circumstances, it is impossible to be neutral."

"I still believe that there will be a strong statement of support for Ukraine from Serbia," he said.

Alexandrovich thanked the media that wrote the truth that Russia attacked Ukraine.

"But some others wrote that Ukraine attacked Russia; it's a shame. God sees everything; everything will pass, Ukraine will survive, but it will all come to light. There is a huge responsibility here, not only of soldiers but of all media," he said.


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