UK & Serbia pay tribute to soldiers killed in WWII and Belgrade WWI defenders


The UK and Serbia's defence ministers Ben Wallace and Nebojsa Stefanovic laid wreaths on Thursday at the Commonwealth Military Cemetery and the Defenders of Belgrade 1914-1918 Memorial, commemorating British and Serbian soldiers killed in the two World Wars.

The move also symbolically confirmed the alliance and strong historical ties between Serbia and Great Britain.

The two ministers will witness the exercise „Platinum Wolf 21“ at the ‘South’ base near the town of Bujanovac, with the participation of  Serbia’s and the armies of nine partner countries.

„‘Platinum Wolf’ is an exercise that has been conducted in Serbia since 2014, with the idea that, in addition to direct preparation for deployment in multinational operations, it supports the development of the ‘South’ base as a regional training centre,“ the Army of Serbia official website said.

It added that „this year, members of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, the United States, Slovenia, Great Britain, France and Serbia participate in the exercise.“