Two women punished for complaining about Vucic event

NEWS 08.10.2021 18:07

Two women who complained that they were promised a day trip but were taken to a gathering for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic have been expelled from their local pensioners’ association despite the fact that Vucic’s ruling party denied busing people in for the event.

The two old age pensioners from the village of Pudarci said that they were promised a day trip to the Banja Vrdnik spa on August 4 but were taken to the Belgrade suburb of Busije for a commemoration of the Serbs killed or gone missing in the Croatian armed forces’ operation Storm at the end of the war in Croatia. Their local pensioners’ association which promised them the trip to the spa expelled them after they complained to the media even though Vucic personally denied that his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) had bused in anyone for the event.

The expulsion of the two women from the association was confirmed to N1 by members of that organization. They said the two women were expelled at a meeting which they were not informed about. One member of the pensioners’ association said that pressure was brought to bear by local SNS officials.

The SNS has been busing people in for events attended by Vucic allegedly at taxpayers’ expense for years despite fierce criticism from both the public and opposition parties.