Transparency Serbia warns of fixed public tender in Belgrade

NEWS 02.08.2021 14:49
Source: N1

Transparency Serbia warned on Monday that the Belgrade city authorities have published a tender whose conditions can be met by only one company.

It said that the Belgrade city government invited offers to lease the Milan Gale Muskatirovic sports complex in the central Dorcol neighborhood with the conditions specified so that only the company that organized this year’s ATP 250 and WTA 250 tennis tournaments. The advertisement did not name the sports center, specifying only the plots of land that the center is on.

The advertisement said that the public procurement procedure would go ahead even if only one bid is received.

Transparency Serbia said that the only company that meets the conditions is the organizer of this year’s Belgrade Open which is owned by a member of the Djokovic family, adding that the name of the ATP license owner is not listed on the ATP portal.

“The regulations do not allow conditions like these. A decree states that the advertisement must define the conditions for the lease and not the conditions for the leasing company,” it said. “The fact that the possibility of anyone other than the city authorities’ chosen business partner making an offer means that the local authorities will get a lower revenue,” Transparency Serbia said.