Tomanovic: Decision was taken to liquidate Milenkovic

NEWS 05.07.2022 21:52
Source: N1

Inspector Slobodan Milenkovic’s defense attorney Zdenko Tomanovic said Tuesday they had information that a decision had been taken at the highest security level to liquidate Milenkovic, reported.

The information came from a source which is why the prosecutor’s office and the police had to investigate these claims, yet the processing of this information was never completed, said Tomanovic wanting to illustrate the competent bodies’ selective activities, said.

He said a campaign was being waged against Milenkovic and the Interior Ministry 4th department.

“When neither the prosecutor’s office nor the police saw the need to react to the claim that Milenkovic is a drug dealer, he again, I say again because the already did once before, submitted a request to the relevant authorities, and I announced it last night, to address the public and rebut the untruths and bring out the truths,” Tomanovic said.

He said Milenkovic wants to explain to the public that the Jovanjica case was not planted, that it is not a product of illegal work of police officers fighting against drugs, but of the joint activities of individuals and structures from the civil and military security services who are, as the police officers say, deep in the zone of crime.

Tomanovic stressed that the prosecutor’s office and the police had to process the information indicating that Milenkovic’s safety was threatened, which, he said, never happened.

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade said Tuesday that Milenkovic has been called in for questioning regarding claims by former Interior Ministry senior officials made publicly over the past few weeks.

The ongoing probes are not in connection with the cases that are being prosecuted, and that includes the Jovanjica case, said the prosecutor’s office.