The Hague war crimes Court prepares trials of Kosovo Albanians

Source: Wikipedia/DennisHH

The beginning of trials against former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is expected to open, with the case of Salih Mustafa's preparatory conference held on Wednesday.

Two more closed sessions are to be held by the end of the week.

Mustafa, a former KLA officer, is accused of four counts of war crimes against civilians: arbitrary arrests, cruel treatment, torture and murder.

According to the indictment, Mustafa is charged with crimes against six disloyal Albanians from April 1 to 19, 1999.

Mustafa is the only indictee of the Hague Court for Kosovo, whose case is prepared for the trial.

The following process should be the trial of former officials of the Veteran Association – Hisni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj, accused of contempt of court and the disclosure of secret documents.

The judge for the previous proceedings ruled that the case documents should be transferred to the Trial Chamber by the end of June.

All four processes in the Kosovo Hague war crime Court have „previous procedure“ status, which precedes the preparation for the trials.