Telenor changes name to Yettel in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria in March

NEWS 27.01.2022 12:17
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Telenor telecommunications company will continue to operate under the name Yettel from March in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria, it has said on Thursday.

The change of the brand will take place in those three countries where the PPF, a Czech financial and investment group incorporated in the Netherlands, uses the Telenor brand. The transition period starts on Thursday and ends in March. It does not require any users’ activity, the Telenor Serbia statement has added.

Last April, Serbia’s Commission for Protection of Competition gave the green light to Telekom Serbia and Telenor to execute their contracts which Telekom’s CEO described as aiming to destroy United Media and its SBB internet provider.

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„Yettel is a new name, a new word. We will launch new products and services in 2022. At the same time, our strategic focus remains unchanged. We want to develop our business further, and Serbia’s market contribute to the economy and the community and offer quality services through a state-of-the-art network and infrastructure,“ Mike Michel, CEO of PPF Group Telenor Serbia, said.

Marek Slacik, CEO of TMT CEE PPF Telecom Group (CEE Technology, Media, Telecommunications in the region), added, „a new chapter is beginning for this company in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria.“

„We have a solid and strong foundation that we have created under the Telenor brand on which we will continue to build a relationship with customers and create additional value under the new, Yettel brand,“ Slacik said.


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