Telekom Serbia wins Tax Authority contract

NEWS 27.05.2021 16:57
Source: N1

Telekom Serbia heads a group of companies that have been awarded a contract to set up an e-fiscalization system in the Tax Authority worth almost 10 million Euro.

The state-controlled telecommunications company heads the group which includes Serbian Business System doo and Wireless Media along with Omni Logika, Data Tech International and MD&Profy, all of them based in Belgrade. The contract is worth 1.15 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars).

A post on the government’s public procurement portal confirmed that the Tax Authority gave the contract to the group headed by Telekom. The public procurement portal said that the contract was awarded to the sole bidder. The e-fiscalization system has to be launched by January 2022.

The winning bid was submitted just two minutes before the deadline on May 24. It included a 36 month guarantee on the equipment and a 45 day payment deadline. Telekom Serbia will be in charge of administrative and financial management of the project. Wireless Media will have a 25 percent share of the contract and will manage the project and be in charge of quality control, delivery of software licenses, implementation and integration of the system with the Tax Authority registry and integrated IT System. The Serbian Business System will have a 23 percent share and will be engaged on the delivery of equipment and licenses, installing and configuring equipment. Data Tech International will have a 30 percent share and will be engaged on installing, configuring, training and the integration of the advanced analytical platform with the Tax Authority registry. Omni Logika will have an 8.5 percent share and will be in charge of implementing the fiscal registry and integration of the single registry and integrated system in the Tax Authority. MD&Profy will have an 8.5 percent share and will implement the advanced analytical platform and integrate it with the Tax Authority system.

The Finance Ministry (which ordered the job) said that the job could not be divided into segments.

A group of companies headed by Telekom Serbia recently won a 7 billion Dinars contract to set up a central IT system to calculate public sector salaries. That job was also ordered by the Finance Ministry which secured budget funds for the contract.