Telekom Serbia offering to paint buildings in return for infrastructure

NEWS 24.05.2021 11:52
Source: N1

The state Telekom Serbia company is offering to paint apartment buildings whose tenants allow it to install its optical cables, reported.

A Belgrade resident contacted saying that notices had been left in the letterboxes in his building saying that if the tenants allow Telekom Serbia to install its infrastructure the company will foot the bill to paint the entire building. The man said that he was told by the head of the tenants’ association that a decision will be taken by a simple majority of the apartment owners in the building with no obligation to subscribe to any Telekom services. said that the installing of Telekom Serbia infrastructure is a way to obstruct private companies such as the SBB cable services provider because Telekom is using public resources. N1 reported earlier that public communal services companies were also obstructing SBB by demanding added paperwork and permits to install optical cables while Telekom is freely digging up streets and sidewalks without consulting local residents.