Teacher says decision to resume classes based on incomplete data

NEWS 21.02.2022 18:19
Source: N1

Serbian Teachers’ Union leader Jasna Jankovic told N1 on Monday that the decision to send children back to school was based solely on data sent to the Education Ministry by headmasters who gathered it from parents.

The Education Ministry’s Schools Team decided over the weekend that school children of all ages should resume classes full time instead of combining regular and online classes.

Jankovic said that the data includes only children who test positive for COVID. According to her, the problem is that children are not tested regularly.

She said that teachers are facing a huge problem in catching up with what the children missed while attending online classes and during the extra week’s vacation. The Education Ministry Schools Team decided to give all schools a week-long break instead of the two customary two days to mark Serbian Statehood Day on February 15-16.