Swedish ambassador concerned over misinformation in Serbia media

NEWS 03.03.2022 13:46
Source: Beta / Milan Obradović

Swedish Ambassador Annika Ben David expressed concern on Thursday over misinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Serbian media.

“We are in the middle of a war on our continent, something we thought was impossible just weeks ago. We see the military aggression of a nuclear power that refuses to recognize the territorial integrity of a sovereign country and we are very concerned over the misinformation being spread by some Serbia media,” the ambassador is reported to have said at a round table debate organized by the Nova Ekonomija and Vreme independent weekly magazines titled Srbia 2030: the Media and Free Elections.

She said that Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic was told that the European Union expects the Serbian government to do its part of the job and pass on credible information and facts. Ben David said that the right to information is part of the human right of freedom of expression.

Ben David said that only informed citizens can take informed decisions at the elections which are coming in a month. “The media play an important role in that,” she said.