‘Super vaccine’ soon; Omicron strain in Serbia within days, President says

NEWS 29.11.2021 13:11
Source: Shutterstock

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday it was a matter of days when an infection with a new strain of coronavirus - omicron - will be registered in Serbia.

He also said he expected a „super vaccine“ in five to six months, which „will solve all problems.“

„We have a significant drop in numbers (of infected) compared to a week ago. Just when everything is getting better, we face omicron,“ Vucic told reporters after visiting the works on the construction of the E-763 motorway section between Preljina in the central and Pozega in western Serbia.

He said that if that strain of the virus was confirmed in Austria, it was a matter of days when it would be detected in Serbia.


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