Stefanovic: I will initiate a discussion on imposing sanctions on Russia

NEWS 16.08.2022 18:34
Source: N1

Opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) deputy leader Borko Stefanovic said that, as the chairman of the Serbian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, he will initiate “at one of the first sittings” a debate, in the Committee and then in the Parliament, on aligning Serbia’s foreign policy with that of the European Union (EU).

This needs to be discussed, arguments of both sides need to be heard, as well as what the repercussions of our failure to align our foreign policy with that of the EU are, what this means for our economy, what turning against Europe means, Stefanovic told N1.

“All European countries have taken restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, and in this situation Serbia does not have much to think about, our future is in the EU,” said Stefanovic, who is also a deputy Parliament speaker.