State power company in Serbia suspends worker after speaking to N1

NEWS 26.04.2021 19:37
Source: N1

Serbia's Power Company (EPS) suspended an employee from 'Kosovo - Obilic' surface mines after he spoke to N1 about the company's non-compliance with the collective agreement.

Sasa Bigovic, a welder, is suspended for violating work discipline, the document he sent to N1 said. The reason is said to be „the disrespect of the standards and rules of business conduct in PE EPS“.

The explanation said that „on April 11, while speaking to N1, he published footage of main production facilities TENT.“

The suspension went in place on April 22 and would last „no longer than three months.

Bigovic has the right to appeal within two months.

He spoke to N1 about non-compliance with the collective agreement for EPS workers, claiming the employees were receiving days off for overtime instead of monetary compensation, which, as he says, is contrary to the collective EPS contract.

Two days after the story was published, Bigovic and another worker addressed N1 again, saying they were offered to sign a statement giving consent to use days off instead of being paid.

Bigovic said most workers signed the statement.