Srebrenica MC publishes ‘Genocide papers’, speeches of Karadzic, Dodik…

NEWS 02.03.2021 17:35
Source: Memorijalni Centar Srebrenica

The Srebrenica Memorial Centre has gathered young experts including researchers, proofreaders, designers and IT experts, to create new-age generation tools, which would help in the research of crucial segments of the history of the Bosnian genocide.

‘Genocide papers’ they created are a compilation of searchable files and transcripts of sessions of the Assembly of the Serb People in BiH/National Assembly of Republika Srpska.

„These documents were available but were inaccessible and their format was not easy to search. Memorial Centre recognised its content as important in the process of raising awareness about a broader political consensus on the genocide operation against Bosniaks across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ‘Genocide papers’ project was funded directly by the Srebrenica Memorial Centre, without the assistance of external donors, so we are proud that a larger part of the implementation of this project relied on the internal capacities of our institution,“ said the Memorial Centre representatives.

The application that young experts created will be offered to universities and civil society organisations in the region as well as media outlets.

„We are open for cooperation with researchers, journalists and all individuals, groups and organisations interested in the use of this material to raise the awareness about the content and activities of so-called National Assembly of Republika Srpska from the 1991-1996 period,“ said the Centre.

Some of the transcripts include the speeches of wartime Bosnian Serb leader and convicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic, politicians Momcilo Krajisnik, Manojlo Milovanovic, as well as Milorad Dodik, the current Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency.

Radovan Karadzic (February 13, 1995)

„The first stance in all Cutileiro’s principles, if you can remember, was that Bosnia is a state that consists of this and that, but it was always said that Bosnia is a state and we never accepted it and we asked for a maximum that we can accept, Bosnia is a confederation of states if we have to stay a part of a confederation, but it was our minimum that our state is a state and that it cannot drown in anyone’s statehood or sovereignty except on our will in the statehood and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia, not even Yugoslavia, because if it is Yugoslavia then we want to keep our federal unit, our state as a federative unit of that federation, although it was our priority to become a part of Serbia. Nobody ever offered us anything else but to disappear, to annul our state, to accept a common state with Izetbegovic i.e. with Muslims and Croats and they clearly told us during the cocktail parties and lunches, this is our gentlemen because we do not want to accept the Islamic state in Europe, which means we were sacrificed to avoid that state and have a mixed one, which means we would spend the lives of our generations to neutralise Islam and for Europe to become a community of happy Christian peoples while we are protecting its walls as a trench of muddy waters and exist for nothing else but to neutralise Islam. We accepted that. Someone said we are alone.“

Momcilo Krajisnik (January 8, 1993)

„OK gentlemen, we can now make a decision and take a stance, that Muslims as a people are a communist creation. We do not accept that artificial nation. We think that Muslims are a sect, an affiliation or a group of Turkish provenance. Does anyone have anything to add? No. I put these conclusions to a vote. Who is in favour? Is there anyone against it? Abstaining? Gentlemen, thank you for adopting these conclusions unanimously.“

Milorad Dodik (October 15-16, 1995)

„And the biggest mistake of the war is Srebrenica and Zepa and someone has to be held responsible for that. We did not have to give up so easily on the ground where we could make diplomatic points and we made a diplomatic disaster. Who is responsible for that? We legalised it before the IC (international community) that protected zones could be taken, and then five years later we shouted that the RSK (Republic of Srpska Krajina) protected zones could not be hit, and we did what we did five days ago. We lost the position we could defend.“

Karadzic responded:

„As a supreme commander I stood behind the plan for Zepa and Srebrenica, for Srebrenica in general, Zepa was something that goes without saying. Gentlemen, we would have lost the war if there was a Zepa with 90 thousand armed Muslims, we would have lost the war. I personally supervised the plan without knowledge of GS (chief of staff), not hiding but meeting by accident general Krstic and I advised him to enter the town first and to declare the fall of Srebrenica, and later on, we would be chasing the Turks in the woods, I also approved both the closer task and radical task and I do not regret it. It is not true we had Krajina for that, like until that moment Croatia did not intend to attack Krajina and it attacked because of Srebrenica, or because of this the world did not feel sorry for the Serbs.“