Srbijagas CEO says Ukraine crisis won’t affect Serbia’s supplies

NEWS 22.02.2022 18:41
Source: Zoran Loncarević

The CEO of Srbijagas, Serbia’s national gas supplier, Dusan Bajatovic said on Tuesday that the Ukraine crisis shouldn’t affect the country’s supplies.

“Serbia should not be affected in terms of natural gas imports. The state is taking measures to prevent any problems with gas. The importance of the Balkan Stream (gas pipeline) is evident now,” Bajatovic told the pro-government TV Prva.

He said that gas prices won’t go up this winter, recalling that the Presidents of Serbia and Russia, Aleksandar Vucic and Vladimir Putin, agreed on a price of 270 Dollars per 1,000 cubic meters for 60 percent of the gas supplied to Serbia with the remaining 40 percent paid at market prices.

He said that Serbia has reserves of 115 million cubic meters of its own gas at the Banatski Dvor facility along with 165 million cubic meters of Russian-supplied gas.

Bajatovic said that the price in the next contract with Russian suppliers could be 30 percent lower than current market prices of just over 800 Dollars.