Srbija 2nd in Europe by newly infected per million people

Source: Pixabay

With 5,059 new coronavirus cases per million people in the last seven days, Serbia is the 2nd in Europe, according to the website on Thursday.

Montenegro is ahead with 6,611 new cases, while Slovenija (3,225), Great Britain (3,212) and Lithuania (2,429) follow Serbia.

Croatia, another ex-Yugoslav country among the first ten with the highest number of new confirmed cases of infection, is at 9th place with 1,700 patients.

In the last seven days, 45,755 new coronavirus patients were registered in Serbia, 50 percent more than in the previous seven days when there were 30,556 new cases.

The most significant seven-day number of newly infected, 50,946, was registered in Serbia from November 28 to December 4 2020.

On December 1, there were 7,999 coronavirus infected people, the highest daily number since the epidemic outbreak in March 2020.