SNS knows who works against President Vucic, but doesn’t name them

Source: Darko Glišić

The President of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Executive Board, Darko Glisic said on Monday that it was crystal clear to the organisation who had worked against its President and the head of state Aleksandar Vucic but did not name anyone.

„We clearly saw who gave Vucic’s medical record (after a former opposition politician recalled his talks with an ambassador), who worked against him directly, who wiretapped him and who put his family under surveillance,“ told the pro-regime Pink TV.

Vucic’s challenger in the last presidential race in 2018, Sasa Jankovic, has recently said a foreign ambassador asked him who with he cooperate with if Vucic died of a heart attack.

He had said he had high blood pressure and some cardiovascular issues after spending several days in the Belgarde military hospital in November 2019.

Glisic said SNS would hold a congress in late October, while another meeting would be held after the spring elections in 2022.

„At those meetings, we’ll thoroughly reform the party to avoid similar mistakes in the future,“ Glisic added.