SNS forced to form coalition government for the first time

NEWS 04.04.2022 19:05
Aleksandar Vučić
Source: Tanjug / AP, Strahinja Aćimović

For the first time since it came to power in 2012, President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will not be able to form a government on its own following Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

Preliminary results of the elections show that the SNS won 120 seats in the 250 seat parliament and can only get to the required 126 by forming a coalition with its existing partners – the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) which has six seats or Ivica Dacic’s Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) which is projected to win 32 seats.

The SNS came to power in 2012, winning 73 seats in parliament with then party leader Tomislav Nikolic taking over as Serbian President. The SNS formed a coalition with the SPS and Dacic became prime minister. Just two years later, the SNS election ticket named A Future We Believe in won 158 seats and Vucic took over as Prime Minister. The elections in 2016 brought the SNS 131 seats and in 2020 the opposition boycott of the parliamentary elections helped Vucic’s party win 188 seats.