Slovenian Ministry summons Serbian Ambassador over Vucic’s statement

NEWS 06.09.2022 08:43
ministarstvo spoljnih poslova slovenije denis sadiković n1
Source: Denis Sadiković/N1

The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Serbia’s Ambassador to Slovenia over Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s statements made during Slovenian President Borut Pahor’s recent visit to Belgrade.

The Ministry said it was surprised by Vucic’s statements and that it once again informed the Belgrade authorities on its position on Kosovo, which has been recognized by Slovenia as an independent state.

Serbia’s Ambassador to Slovenia Zorana Vlatkovic has been summoned by the Ministry over Vucic’s statements made at a media conference during Pahor’s visit to Belgrade.

Vucic asked the reporters how he is to explain to his nation that Serbia is imposing sanctions on Russia but not on Slovenia.

“Russia has not violated Serbia’s territorial integrity, but Slovenia has. And we see that we have good relations with Slovenia,” said Vucic, noting that Slovenia has recognized Kosovo which is, from Serbia’s point of view, a violation of international law, UN Charter and UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

The Foreign Ministry in Ljubljana expressed hope that Serbia will not problematize Slovenia’s position on Kosovo because Slovenia’s support for Kosovo is not directed against Serbia.

The Ministry reiterated Slovenia’s determined opposition against equating its recognition of Kosovo with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

We want for countries to continue developing friendly relations and jointly seeking ways to resolve outstanding issues in the Western Balkans, which would alleviate tensions in the region, said the Ministry adding that this would help both Serbia and Kosovo advance on their path to the EU.

Slovenia will continue to advocate communication with Serbia, with respect on all levels, said the Slovenian Ministry.