Slovenia closes air space to Russian planes

English 26.02.2022 19:09
Izvor: Pixabay

Slovenia decided on Saturday to close its air space to Russian planes due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and gave €100,000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross for humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry said.

The Slovenian government decided today to ban planes registered in Russia or owned by Russian operators from using Slovenia’s air space. The decision takes effect immediately and will be in force „until the reasons for it exist,“ it was said in Ljubljana.

Slovenia has already sent €163,000 worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine via the European mechanism, the Foreign Ministry recalled.

Prime Minister Janez Janša convened the National Security Council for 6 pm, inviting also the presidents of the opposition parties.

He tweeted today that "The cruel truth of the moment: The casualties and suffering of the people of Ukraine cannot be diminished in any way by good wishes and empty calls for peace, but only by the rapid supply of arms, military equipment and humanitarian aid. And total pressure on the Putin regime."


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