Shots fired at Kosovo police patrol

NEWS 26.04.2022 11:01
Source: Shutterstock

The Kosovo police reported a firearms attack on its officers outside the northern town of Zubin Potok on Tuesday morning.

A police press relese said that none of the officers were wounded by the rounds that hit their vehicle. “We can confirm that a border police patrol was attacked in the village of Zupce in the Zubin Potok municipality in the early morning hours,” it said adding that reinforcements were sent from the local police station to the site of the attack but providing no other information about a possible investigation.

The Serb List reacted with a statement saying that the armed incident was intended to destabilize the situation and portray the Serbs as violent. The statement condemned the attack and called the local population to show restraint and not fall for provocations which could jeopardize the peace. “Whoever did this does not mean well to the Serb people,” it said.