Severance payment starts for Fiat workers

NEWS 30.06.2022 11:05
FIAT fijat kragujevac
Source: N1

Severance payments were made to the bank accounts of most laid off Fiat workers on Thursday morning.

Under an agreement with the Stellantis company and the Serbian Government, the payments were to be made yesterday.

Workers with 10 years of employment will each get 7,900 Euro (1 Euro – 118 Dinar), while older employees who worked at the Zastava car manufacturing plant in Kragujevac before they were engaged by Fiat will each get another 500 Euro per year of employment.

The first ones to get severance payments were the 492 workers who at the very start refused to go to work in Slovakia and Poland for a period of two years.

A few days ago Stellantis and the Serbian Government improved the offer so some 1,000 workers are yet to say if will go to work abroad and, by doing so, keep their job in Stellantis after 2024, or it they will take the severance pay offer.