Serbia’s wheat harvest expected to drop

NEWS 01.07.2022 17:25
Source: Shutterstock

The Republic Statistics Office (RZS) said on Friday that this year’s wheat harvest in Serbia is expected to be 7.5 percent lower than in 2021.

It said that the harvest is expected to stand at 3.18 million tons of wheat based on estimates on May 23. Compared to the 10 year average, the production of wheat is up by 18.6 percent.

The RZS said the raspberry harvest is expected to be higher than in 2021 by 4 percent and the sour cherry harvest by 6 percent. It said that farmers sowed 18.1 percent more sunflower and 6.7 percent less corn, 11.9 percent less sugar beet and 0.7 percent less soy. Compared to the 10 year average, 4 percent less corn has been sowed, 20.9 percent more soy, 32.2 percent more sugar beet and 23.9 percent more sunflower.